Saturday, December 1, 2012

Photopost: Southeastern B'Corral

HP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, AL
HP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, AL
HP40, ALHP40, ALHP40, ALRocktown, GARocktown, GARocktown, GA
Little Rock City, TNLittle Rock City, TN

The Rock Cricket crew just returned from a foray into the great Southeastern bouldering trifecta - Horse Pens 40, Alabama / Rocktown, GA / Little Rock City, TN. I'm sure there will be many posts documenting our trip, but to kick it off I'll drop some images to set the scene. This will also be the first of many "Photoposts" to come. Enjoy.

***Note: All photos came from either Andy or Kyle's cameras, they took the majority of the shots, but some were undoubtedly taken by others in the group. We will never know for sure due to swisch consumption and/or B deprivation.  In future posts we'll add photo creds.

Also, I want to say that our good friend Alex was with us but because he was behind the camera a good portion of the trip due to injury (not climbing..well, sort of) there are no pictures of him. Sorry bud.

Eventually we hope to improve the quality of pictures in upcoming installments. The template is also a work in progress.  The thumbnails will redirect you to the individual photos at Flickr (from there you can see the description-who, what, how hard, etc.), I don't know if that can be changed.  Just click back to get to the site.  And if you're wondering "NS" means no send, but the shot was nice so we kept it.  Bare with us.


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