Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekly Choss // 12.12

It shall be revived!  Starting today we will be posting our chosstastic micro-victories in the world of stone. Whether they be sends, flails, scouring success, recovered beer lost long ago in the boulders, or anything else deemed worthy..they will be documented by myself or a number of other miscreants who tend to pull on rock in the CT/MA region (or beyond).  Monday posts will cover the previous week as Monday is probably the least (or most) cloudy day for us all.

Since I've been gone the last two weeks I can't think of much that has happened on the home turf.  However, during my travels I spent a night at Wanderlust Ranch, home of Alex (OG Rock Cricket) and Brittnie, in unincorporated Los Angeles Co., California.  While there I sent a sick problem that went up 1/3 of the way up their woody.  Look for it.  Green tape. // Ryan