Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rejuvenation of Sorts

So it's been another month or so between posts - no surprise there.  Rest assured more coldies have gone down than projects, but not all is stagnant in the realm of the Rock Cricket.  Much is in the works actually - lots of activity in "The Corridor".  The total is up to something like 45 established problems/variations and 15 projects on the rock we've seen, some dozen boulders not even touched, and certainly much more to be found.  The grade range is currently V0-V8 with a good blend of everything, all styles - heights, quality..definitely a gem for those in the locale.

Lots to be done heading towards the fall - projects in the works:

  1. Climbing "Festival"/Comp./Party
  2. Full length climbing film
  3. Stewardship Projects
  4. Topos
  5. And obviously more bantering/ranting/pontificating
I just wanted to write something so it didn't seem so damn blank up here.  Stuff is happening it's just hard to put the fingers to the keys so to speak.  Also..

Please don't leave beer cans and various climbing paraphanelia at the crag, let alone at one where there have been access issues (I won't name the area, but it's in Litchfield County and right off a road - vague I know).  The beer cans alone could be thought of anyone's trash, a careful observer might realize the brush meant climbers were the culprits.

It was an interesting day when I found these - while hiking around I came accross relics from two eras:

  1. A piece of sun-worn webbing with two seized up locking biners atop a large slab
  2. The above pictured trash
One is acceptable, though dated and unsafe // one is just plain littering - both were picked up.
Don't get me wrong, I like throwing some back during a good bouldering session, but let's try to be stewards of the land and keep our privileges intact.