Saturday, November 10, 2012

Schwag Report

So after months of working out the simple task of producing stickers, they will finally become a reality. Many weeks ago I drew up a crude but suitable sketch as a logo.  For many weeks after that I told myself I would improve upon it.  Eventually, I said "good enough" and asked for Andy and Sam to scan it..after a little while longer it is finally here.

Once we had the image on the computer it took mere minutes to send to a company for printing.  In a few weeks (fingers crossed), we will have 250 stickers.  These adhesive slivers of greatness are the first in a series of ideas we have for displaying our loyalty to the Rock Cricket tribe.  If you see us around, we'll probably have some on hand.  Although they were relatively cheap, they weren't free, so any sort of donation (spare change, beer, food, etc.) would be greatly appreciated, but not mandatory (we're broke too).  Also, if somehow you've found your way to this hinterland of the internet and would like some by mail, shoot me a line at  We can figure out some sort of web donation device later.

We have some ideas in the mix for other types of RC schwag that will hopefully come to fruition quicker than the stickers did.  Also, we plan on organizing some events in the near future..stay tuned.



  1. I just lost a two dollar bill inRyan's VOLVO 760 turbo INTERCOOLER so if you wanna donate to the cause with another two dollar bill then I'll give you a sticker

  2. Kyle has none of the said stickers. He is currently posting from the Buffalo Bill pit he's been banished to. All he has to take the edge off is a bucket of chili paste.


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