Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Sends - III

Well it's that time we've all been waiting for..the third installment of WEEKLY SENDS!  The weather's been back and forth - leading us on with a glorious day here and there, interspersed with cold, wet, miserable hell.  Luckily we've been able to fill in those gaps with some sendage..

Per usual, Andy (asshole), has been hiking the projects of others and wreaking havoc on his own.  He started off with a flash of Fatass V3 and then ran up the hill to finish his longstanding bout with Remedy V8.  We then gathered around Wasabi V5 where a group effort on beta deconstruction allowed Lund the send.  On top of all this he managed to pull off Mad Squirrel V7 a couple days later.

Alex must have been schwilling off Andy's half finished Busch cans because he too assembled an impressive ticklist - grabbing a send of Fatass and Wasabi as well.  Topping off his week was a lap up Spak Attack V4 - let's just hope his shoes don't start smelling like ass (a tell tale sign of crushing).

The psyche on Wasabi stayed strong as Dawson was also able to pull off a send.  He's still waiting to hear back from Jesus about those Lapis brushes..

Strange helicopter flybys over Wasabi
Ryan (I figure I'll stick in the third person), is still laid up with a finger injury and is doing his best to not act like an angsty teenage bitch.  Despite his condition, he put in a solid scour effort at a "new" area north of the Res.  During this session he cleaned and sent two problems - Seventeen Regrets and Four Legged Lawn Mower.  Both of these are lowball right to left traverses on good rock, with the majority of the holds being open handed (kind on his digits).  He's not offering up grades until more people get on them.  After a couple sessions at the Res he has realized he needs to lay off the rock and spend his efforts scouring and cleaning until his fingers feel better.

In other areas of the state Shane and Kyle have been busy searching out new rock.  Kyle has been telling us about a couple of cool boulders down south - Alex went out with him and confirmed their radness.  Shane was with Ryan while putting up his two new problems and was able to flash Seventeen Regrets - nice!

***I thought I'd add a little section of Weekly Sends dedicated to recent development.  Not necessarily individual routes (as mentioned above), but new areas being explored, uncovered, or revived in our region.***

Let's start off with this "new" area I mentioned before.  Apparently Scott and Jake have been climbing this spot for a while now, but not too too many problems have gone up, let alone visited since.  The area consists of at least two large sectors, the one I've been heading out to, we'll call "The Tracks", has an immense amount of rock: including a flat open boulder field, countless highball cliff bands, and giant blocks.  In the two times I've visited this sector I have seen evidence of only four problems, each on a separate piece of rock (this is definitely not to say that these are the only things sent).  There is a ton to explore in this sector alone, that may continue farther down the ridge than I have gone.  AND, we haven't even hiked the back side yet.  The other sector is also riddled with steep blocks and short cliff bands, with more evidence of sent problems, but not many.  I am willing to say that the area as a whole (both sectors), as well as adjacent rock I'm sure we'll find, has almost, if not, as much stone as the Res.

Andy and I were also lucky enough to get a tour with Cal of another new area in the Berkshires.  This spot has rock of incredible quality with very fine vertical grains and diamond cut edges, reminiscent of some areas in Northwestern CT.  The quality vastly outshines the quantity in this area, though there is the possibility for a couple dozen quality lines, including some burly test pieces.  However, nothing as of yet has been cleaned or sent.



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