Friday, October 19, 2012

Tooting The Proverbial Horn

Our one and only semi-regular installment "Weekly Sends" is being discontinued after just three posts.  I don't know if it's the weather, that I'm injured and not climbing, or the fact that no one really cares..but it's over.  We had a good run.

Rock Cricket was created to foster a climbing community in our little nook of the climbing world.  Part of that is letting people know what's been going on in the area, but I've tired of writing up our meager achievements.  THAT IS WHY ALL PONTIFICATING ABOUT UBBER HARD V3 SENDFESTS MAY NOW BE DIRECTED TO THE FACEBOOK PAGE!  I encourage, and know that I myself will keep up with posting the scour reports, notable sends, and downgrade stump dab madness..but let's do it on the good old social network.  I mean, what better a place to brag about stuff, take shirtless pictures of yourself in the mirror, and creep on climbing babes (are there any climbing babes around here?).

You may wonder, "what is going to be on the website?".  Just wait and see, we's gots some plans (sorry, my grammar not so good, grew up in Canaan).


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  1. whatup Climbing babes, name's Kyle and yes astonishingly I am single. Hit me up


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