Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Choss III

3: 3/18-3/24

Well, heres to the end of another week here in choss town. Currently Ryan and I reside in the Cricket Manor watching the Eiger Sanction and shwilling some cheap beverages. If you don't know the Eiger Sanction is a film featuring Clint Eastwood climbing, killing, and sweet talking "ethnics". Basically, it doesn't get much better. 

With the weather lately there wasn't a whole lot of sending going on, but there were a few prime problems that went down. 

Steve had a great week putting away Pressure Drop V10, the sloper test piece Twisted Stihl V7, and a incredible overlooked problem on one of the most climbed on boulders at the Res. Just to right of Spack Attack, this nameless gem is unlikely looking and easy to miss....until it has chalk on it. It revolves around hard moves on very bad slopers, but the movement is great. Steve dispatched it quickly saying it felt somewhere around a V9. I can attest, Scott and i both flailed on it with no luck. 

Ryan and I didn't get a whole lot of climbing in this week, but I did send the Shangri La project. This block is one of the most aesthetic climbs around, on some of the best rock around. After three hefty sessions it feels like one of the hardest problems i've done. Steep, crimpy, slopey and tensiony. No idea about a grade for it, there will be a consensus once it see's more sends.

Ryan was on his usual rampage of scouring, and cleaning this week. His finger is finally starting to feel better also, which is good news for the hidden gems of our new homestead. Its shaping up to be a great spring.

Clint is now on his third women, climbing towers in the desert, and a creep with a dog named "faggot" is trying to kill him. Its begging for my attention. 

I'll leave you with a nice video of the Shangri La project going down. Mostly just me flexing with my shirt off. 

Until next week! send hard! Drink beers! hope for good weather!


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