Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Choss II

2: 3/11 - 3/17

I'm pretty tired so this one's going to be short.  In last week's choss I forgot to mention that my friend Steve from up at UVM has recently moved down to Ashley Falls, MA.  Lately he's been crushing The Res.  Last week alone he flashed Trainspotting V6 and sent Dog Brains SDS V8, The Echo V9, and Fotowa SDS V11 along with a bunch of other stuff.

Alex has been out at Joshua Tree for a while now.  He might still be there.  Dawson and Kyle just got back from Rocktown and I don't know what happened.  Probably some fucked up shit.

Andy and I have been settling in (covering our place with beer cans and peanut shells) while working on developing a "new" area in the Litchfield Hills.  When I say new I don't mean to imply that climbers haven't been here.  They definitely have, as the short cliff band nearby has been climbed.  Though, the boulders seemed to be overlooked.  Until now.

About 15 problems/variations/projects have been cleaned and/or sent this week.  All in all I speculate there being anywhere from 50-100 problems once the bones are picked.  Pretty good for the solid access, short hike, and close proximity to home.  Highlights for this week were Andy's The Iron Sheik V5 on the Roadside Boulder and Ryan's Shady Grove V3 and Drainpipe SDS V3.  Lund is also close to sending the Shangri La Project.  Looks like we'll be pretty busy with this area and another one close by.  As development continues I'll be creating a primitive topo that might become available later on.

In this week's photo section the first two are from the area mentioned above.  Photos 3-5 are from The Res (Steve didn't send Filter, but he's real close).  Enjoy.


Shangri La

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