Monday, November 25, 2013

An Update

So, its been a geologic age since we’ve ranted about our sick sends brah doings. The summer and early fall was hot, humid, buggy, beer-filled, and generally not conducive to sending. Nonetheless, braving new mutant strains of black flies which were still biting in mid September, we steadfast rock cricketers began grunting to the top of various pebbles.

Dan on Babies With Rabies V10
In The Corridor Andy established several amazing problems, including Golden Fleece V6, Porcupine Squeeze V5, and managed a very impressive, very drunk, FA of Bota Box, hard V5. In between finger injuries, he also slipped in a quick send of The Danimal Start, aka Survivors Will Be Shot Again V8 at the Estey Boulder. That night he managed to destroy his finger cutting steak with a dull knife.

I began my season by putting up Yewlogy V7 at The Corridor. Yewlogy has a very committing last move over a very poor landing, and I was very happy to finally get it done. I then spent four days falling off the same move on Outer Cockpit V9, up at East Rock. On day five, the first below 60 degrees, it finally went. After that success came a bit easier. During a great day with Dan at Farley, I managed to send Babies With Rabies V10 fourth go and Pterorrdactyl Stand V8. Dan – who recently sent Pterrordactyl SDS V10/11, Pins And Needles V9, and some V11 in southern Connecticut – is very close on Babies and will send any day now.

More recently I sent Dedicated To Aggravation V9/10 up at East Rock, In Plain Sight V8 at The Res, and managed to FA Spitting Pneumonia V7 and The Lottery In Babylon V8, both up at The Barracks. The left start to The Lottery In Babylon (Babylon Revisited, still a project) adds five sick moves into the stand and is amazing. We got footage and hopefully we’ll get it posted soon.

In other news, this happened:


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