Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mission Statement (Kind Of)

You may be wondering what a rock cricket is.  The last time I checked Merriam-Webster, it was defined as..

                            Rock Cricket - \'rak 'kri-ket\
                                             n. A fucked little bug that lives in the cracks, crevices, and dark places
                                                 of Reservoir Rocks and its neighboring climbing locations.

Fear or befriend them, love or hate them, embrace or poke them with a "hole stick", they embody the same sort of lifestyle we all love.  They cling to bare rock.  They spend their free time rummaging through piles of stone.  They are dirty and haggard looking.  Sound familiar?

                Exhibit A:

We here at rock cricket think any day you get on rock is a good one (unless you're bouldering in the Gunks - but we're working on that).  Luckily for us we have been provided with some of the gneissest rock around, pun intended.  Get climbing.  Real content to follow.


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